Julie Sten-Knudsen (born 1984) holds an MA in Literature Studies from the University of Copenhagen and is furthermore a graduate of the School of Literary Composition at Sweden’s University of Gothenburg. She has published four acclaimed books of poetry in Denmark: Home Is a Direction (Hjem er en retning, 2011), The Atlantic Grows (Atlanterhavet vokser, 2013), Traces of Birds (Spor efter fugle, 2017) and Seven Layers (Syv lag, 2021). Her poems have been translated into German, Polish, Bosnian, Swedish and English. In 2021 Julie Sten-Knudsen received the three-year working grant from the Danish Arts Foundation.

An excerpt from “The Atlantic Grows” has been published in the Asymptote Journal and on the Guardian online.

One of the poems from “Home is a Direction” has been published in Structo.

Contact: juliestenknudsen@gmail.com